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Call for Proposals: Empowering for Freedom

We are excited to share the news that Rising Tide Foundation (RTF) is launching a Call for Proposals to identify opportunities for funding around our refined strategic focus. They are exploring the space of “Empowering for Freedom” and are looking to support the best projects with impact-oriented grants. RTF is seeking projects that advance the freedom of individuals and […]

Low tech is beautiful

The best IT solutions for MSMEs which also benefit large companies There is a lot of buzz around high tech solutions for doing business in low-income and emerging markets right now. There are some exciting unicorn examples of emerging market business models which use artificial intelligence, blockchain technology or drones to make supply chains more […]

Growing Inclusion While Fighting Plastic Waste in Thailand

Endeva Project: Full Circle Filament Endeva is building a social enterprise in Thailand that creates filament for 3D printing out of recycled plastic. This innovative inclusive business is set up to increase wages for waste pickers and combat the growing problem of plastic waste. Here is our story on how we got started an where we […]