Corporate venturing for sustainability 4.0

How can digital solutions promote a more sustainable development? At this year’s econsense forum, high-level representatives from large German companies and 400 guests discussed the opportunities of digitalization. These include outstanding contributions to more transparency, automation and increased connectivity. At the same time, the process is complex, and the positive effects for both economy and society.

One of the panels united representatives from Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bahn, Accenture and Merck with tech start-ups they are currently partnering with: Today, corporates no longer build everything themselves, but often have the most innovative solutions developed by smaller partners. At Endeva, we have explored the topic of corporate venturing in low-income markets, finding that by investing into local business, corporations can learn about low-income markets and relevant business models and tap into growth opportunities while hedging their risk of failure.

For the panelists, the added value of partnering with smaller ventures was clear:

  • Higher velocity to implement digital solutions
  • Win new customers
  • Find new solutions
  • Partnering means saying “Why not!” instead of “Yes, but…”
  • Extend reach
  • Maintain pioneering position

The top 3 topics of digitalization for the present corporates? Urban mobility, precision agriculture and e-health. At Endeva, we will be looking into these topics at our ii2030 in October. Stay tuned for more information!