Endeva Think & Drink – Cooperation matters!

Partnerships between Inclusive Businesses and NGOs

On October 7, Endeva hosted another event in its Think and Drink discussion series. This round’s topic: Partnerships between Inclusive Businesses and NGOs. Members from both the private sector and NGOs attended and shared a thoughtful discussion over a few drinks.

The discussion was kicked off with a compelling presentation from Ruby Cup’s founding member, Maxie Matthiessen. Ruby Cup, a social business that produces and sells high-quality, eco-friendly and reusable menstrual cups made from 100% medical grade silicone, enlightened the audience on their journey as a start-up trying to expand their reach to Kenya. To scale up its operations and increase its presence in Africa, the social business is currently exploring partnership opportunities with NGOs.

Ruby Cup’s story sparked a friendly and constructive discussion on the benefits of partnering with NGOs who provide educational support, the advantages and disadvantages of the one-for-one model and how to grow a business with long-term products, such as the Ruby Cup. The evening ended with possibilities for future partnerships between attendees!

The next Think and Drink event will be announced soon!