Endeva wins “Eight Billion Lives” Fellowship

In 2025, 8 billion people will populate our planet. How can cities cope with the stress arising from increasing urbanisation? How can food production and consumption become more sustainable and feed a world of 8 billion? How can digitalisation help to meet these challenges? To help answering these questions, Munich Re and Impact Hub Munich award the Fellowship “Eight Billion Lives”, supporting entrepreneurs that seek to improve future livelihoods in the face of population growth.

Endeva approaches the food production challenge with its Co-packer project. The project aims to enable local farmers in developing countries, who are often constrained to sell their products on local markets, to market their goods as premium food products. Co-packers help those local farmers to refine their goods into high-value competitive products. Their support includes quality control, branding, processing, packaging and marketing. By that, Co-packers seek to increase employment opportunities and income for youth and small business owners, whilst strengthening the rural economy.

With its Co-packer project, Endeva has been shortlisted to receive an intensive three-month acceleration phase, targeting the development of a full-fledged business model, as well as other key competences and start-up skills. In March, four of the nine shortlisted teams will be elected Impact Hub Fellows and will enter the incubation phase. Fingers crossed for a winning Co-packer team!