Germany’s G20 presidency: moving towards more private investment in Africa

Supporting the inclusive economic development of Africa is at the top of Germany’s G20 presidency, with the summit starting in Hamburg today. Together with G20 participants and African partners, Germany aims to improve the African investment climate and uses the summit to discuss how this can be achieved. The emphasis on investment is not altruistic, it is directly linked to German immigration and security concerns. As chancellor Angela Merkel puts it, “if the lack of hope is too great in Africa, then of course there will be young people who believe they have to seek a new life somewhere else in the world”. At Endeva, we work in many African countries – with development actors, governments, companies and civil society – to spark inclusive economic growth, developing business models that include people with low incomes into companies’ value chains. We have been supporting the Development Working Group of the G20 to develop a framework for inclusive business policies which aims to guide future work of the G20 on inclusive business. May the summit keep up the dialogue between the nations and result in more than lofty words!

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