Workshop with Save the Children on maternal and child health: possible partnerships with the private sector

Save the Children and Endeva are inviting businesses from the health sector to participate in an active dialogue and workshop on October 13 in Berlin. The aim is to analyze possible forms of cooperation and to develop ideas for partnerships that create value for all: for businesses and NGOs, as well as for children and mothers around the world.

Partnerships between businesses and NGOs carry great potential for improving sustainable development worldwide:
Beyond traditional social engagement programs, businesses today are developing innovative approaches to support people in need. By utilizing their expertise, products and services, they can create tangible value on the ground.
Due to their long-term presence both locally and globally, NGOs are familiar with the unique requirements and conditions of low-income countries. Their knowledge and networks are important resources for the development of efficient solutions. By combining their resources with the expertise of businesses, and applying new, entrepreneurial approaches, NGOs can achieve improved quality and sustainability in their work.

This is an invitation only event. If you would like to join the discussion, please contact Aline Menden.