Endeva and partners are planning more than just a conference on inclusive business on October 19-20, 2017!

Endeva and IBA Ventures are hosting a conference with the BoP Learning Labs. The Inclusive Innovation Factory, which will take place in Berlin, will allow participants to explore, create and collaborate on groundbreaking trends in the field of inclusive business. We will bring together leading international experts from all sectors to design and co-create innovative solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

This conference will challenge current approaches of economic development and open up participants’ minds to a new way forward. Forget about the days of sitting and listening to long and unwieldy speeches – our conference is all about exploration and co-creation. More information on programme, participants and registration will follow in the new year, so stay tuned and get ready for immersing yourself in a world of inclusive innovation!

Eager to participate or know more? Get in touch with Aline: a.menden@endeva.org