Inclusive Business Practices & Policies: G20 in Turkey

Turkey, as the Presidency of the G20 for 2015, hosted representatives from government, business and academia from G20 countries for a one day workshop on Inclusive Business in Ankara on Wednesday, the 8th of April. The workshop has built upon the G20’s previous IB–related work and the knowledge generated within the IB field to date in order to address how the policy environment can advance opportunities for private sector companies to reach the poor.

Dr. Christina Tewes-Gradl, co-founder and managing director of Endeva, was featured as a panelist on the topic of effective of existing IB practices and policies. The panel was chaired by Susanne Dorasil of the BMZ, and other panelists included Federico Bonaglia (Senior Counsellor to the Director, OECD Development Centre), Emily Sims (Manager, ILO Helpdesk for Business on International Labor Standards) Dr. Y?lmaz Argüden (ARGE Consulting – B20 Knowledge Partner), and Anna Byhovskaya )TUAC/ITUC Policy Advisor, L20 Representative.)

Panelists agreed that governments play an important role for the success of inclusive business. There was also broad aligment on the key barriers inclusive business face, namely the lack of infrastructure and capacities, of market information, of a conducive regulatory environment, and, last but not least, finance at all levels.

In her presentation, Christina showed that inclusive business policies can be embedded at all policy levels, from the overarching vision to cross-cutting instruments such as partnerships or a special legal form to finally sector-specific policies. She recommended the G20 could act as a forum to put inclusive business on the policy agenda, develop recommendations for national strategies, organize peer-learning exchange, and support results measurement of such policies.