Looking to get away over the holidays? Do it the fair way!

1 billion people will travel to emerging economies by 2030. And more and more tourists look for authentic experiences and encounters with local communities.  Tourism companies can develop unique, innovative products with local communities. Local people, in turn, can benefit from access to jobs and incomes.

In its report Destination: Mutual Benefit, Endeva showed tourism companies how to recognize and capture the potential of working with local communities and low-income people. From sourcing local produce to offering birding excursions with native communities or canoeing adventures with fisherman in mangrove forests, opportunities abound.

Now that Christmas holidays are approaching, we are reflecting on our own way of travelling. We’ve got the ball rolling on offsetting CO2 emissions. Now we are also looking for new ways to be even more inclusive. One great opportunity to do so is Fairaway, one of our fellow BCorps and an inclusive tourism organisation, who creates authentic travel experiences and gives advice on designing low-emission trips. Customised travel experiences are created by local travel experts, who use insider know-how to plan individual trips according to the wishes of the customers. Not to be missed in your future travel plans!