New publication on Corporate Impact Venturing

Markets at the base of the global economic pyramid (BoP) represent a US$5 trillion opportunity. Inclusive Businesses are proving with innovative models that this market can be profitable. Corporates can tap into this opportunity and acquire a foothold in these high-growth markets through strategic investment into inclusive businesses.

Endeva’s new publication explores how Corporate Impact Venturing is applied in practice, and what is needed to enable these productive partnerships. The report thus aims to inform our dialogue with a growing community of professionals, corporate funds, and inclusive ventures engaged in this nascent field. We hope the findings will help shape the emerging space of Corporate Impact Venturing in low-income markets.

Endeva’s working paper series “Our next Endeavour” explores topics we consider relevant and topical for inclusive business. The papers are based on research and analysis. They are targeted at practitioners from companies, development agencies and NGOs. With this, “Our next Endeavour” aims to inspire forward thinking, stimulate dialogue and spark new collaborations.