New report: The Promise of Digital Health

The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development Working Group on Digital Health, co-chaired by the Novartis Foundation and Intel, has launched a new report. ‘The Promise of Digital Health: Addressing Non-communicable Diseases to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage in LMICs’ includes practical recommendations and best-practice examples to help countries realize the potential of digital health to fight non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Endeva is proud to have provided expert review and advice to the report.

The report sets out six building blocks, accompanied by country examples, to help policymakers realize the full potential of digital technology to strengthen their health systems and accelerate Universal Health Coverage:

  1. Policy makers need to prioritize, formulate and coordinate national digital health strategies
  2. Legal frameworks are essential to protect patients while enabling innovation
  3. Standardized infrastructure allows information to be shared and used across the journey of patients with chronic diseases such as NCDs
  4. Interoperability between diverse digital health solutions and data sources is a must to enable coordinated NCD management
  5. Partnerships combine expertise, assets and ideas to amplify the scale and impact of successful digital health solutions
  6. Sustained financing is mandatory to scale successful digital health solutions