Replicating what works: Join Endeva and Business Call to Action for a live webinar on 14 Jan!

How do we replicate what works in Inclusive Business? Join Endeva and Business Call to Action on January 14 to discuss how inclusive businesses can replicate their successful models, expand their business, or effectively share knowledge with peers who can implement similar solutions in new markets. Discussion will also go beyond companies to analyze how development partners, governments, investors, NGOs, and other actors can actively support replication and dissemination of models.

The webinar, which will be led by Endeva director Aline Krämer, will be based on the research, analysis, and conclusions reached in “Multiplying Impact: How to Support the Replication of Inclusive Business,” Endeva’s freshly published report. The webinar will feature a panel of experts that will highlight successful examples and recommendations from companies that have already achieved scale through replication.

The webinar will be held from 17-18.30 CET (11-12.30 EST) and is free to attend. Register here!