Launch of Search Inclusive Business: The first searchable inclusive business publications database

Endeva’s publications are now featured on a new inclusive business database: The Practitioner Hub and the Inclusive Business Action Network have just launched Search Inclusive Business, a first of its kind searchable online database of inclusive business publications. The database, at, brings together over 1,300 reports, case studies, tools and fact sheets relevant to inclusive business from a wide range of authors and organisations.

There is a considerable and increasing number of publications that share useful insights and lessons relevant to inclusive business. Yet with practitioners, authors, projects and organisations scattered across the globe, it can be difficult for interested people to know what exists, where to start, and how to keep up-to-date on the latest developments and resources available. Search Inclusive Business aims to change that by providing a comprehensive, easy to use, online solution allowing users to find the publication they are looking for within a few clicks.

The database is searchable by region, sector type and year of publication and topic. Topics cover a wide range of issues relevant to inclusive business such as serving Base of the pyramid (BoP) clients, sourcing from the BoP, finance for inclusive business, women’s empowerment and results measurement and impact. Explore the largest array of inclusive business publications on the internet today at