Stories about us: How social entrepreneurs tell their business narrative

By Barbara Börner

Workshop “Stories about us: How to tell your business narrative” of Siemens Stiftung at Seed Africa Symposium in Nairobi, 29.9.2016 in collaboration with Endeva and Adelphi.

Business talk often seems to revolve around hard facts and data, but in business, as elsewhere, people love a good story.  The workshop in Nairobi focused on storytelling in the context of inclusive business. Entrepreneurs Zoë Cohen of Echo Mobile, and Alan Fleming of The Fish Farm, shared their experiences using the story collection framework of Jona Liebl, Adelphi and Barbara Börner, of Endeva. In the application portion of the event, the 50 participants developed their own core story.  This pragmatic use of the story telling method was met with high interest and directly applied to following workshop sessions. Currently workshops are being developed which include modules developed by participants to systematically use storytelling in capacity building programs for inclusive business.

Together with Siemens Stiftung, adelphi, GIGA Institut and Stuttgart Media University, Endeva developed the project “Stories about us”. It allows social entrepreneurs to tell their stories, complemented by perspectives from other players in the ecosystem. At the same time, the project developed a methodology based on storytelling that enables entrepreneurs, as well as other players in the ecosystem, to look at the business from different perspectives.

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