Viewpoint: Growing inclusive business models in the extractive industries

Endeva’s associate Malika Virah-Sawmy published a paper on growing inclusive business models in the extractive industries, demonstrating a smart concept to scale up positive social impacts.

The paper introduces inclusive business as an important concept for improving sustainability in the extractive industries. Drawing upon examples of inclusive business, as well as the challenges posed from corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies in the extractive sector aimed at socio-economic goals, the paper shows how inclusive business is a better policy to improve sustainability in the sector. The paper argues that this relatively new concept can deliver more useful results in extractive landscapes for socioeconomic development such as diversifying local to regional economies, turning impacted communities into business partners, and facilitating the exit of the extractive industries, whilst at the same time, increasing economic and operational efficiency of the company. Further, inclusive business can be integrated in biodiversity offset policies. It is speculated that inclusive models within the extractive sector have the potential to reach a scale and impact well beyond traditional CSR policies for socioeconomic development.

To read a blog post on the paper, click here.

Virah-Sawmy, Malika. “Growing inclusive business models in the extractive industries: Demonstrating a smart concept to scale up positive social impacts.” The Extractive Industries and Society (2015, in press).

Image: Mining operations, Loreto region, Peru. © Brent Stirton / Getty Images / WWF