Workshop on inclusive business and the food industry in Tunisia

On November 22/23, Endeva organised a sector dialogue for IBAN and RIBH (GIZ) on fast-moving consumer goods and inclusive business in Tunisia. Starting from a report we compiled in this sector, this workshop brought together entrepreneurs active in the Tunisian food industry to enforce their knowledge about inclusive business and develop inclusive business models together with other workshop participants.

In Tunisia, around 60% of the population live on less than 9USD per day. How do you develop products that reach this large target group? On the other hand, what ways are there to better include smallholder farmers in the value chain of a food processing company? IBAN and ATUPEE, the Tunisian co-host of the event, invited 20 participants from the private sector, NGOs and the public sector to discuss the challenges and solutions integrating low-income groups at different parts of the value chain – in sourcing, product design, marketing and sales, distribution or waste and recycling. With a better understanding of inclusive business models, they developed innovative business ideas with their peers, such as a healthy food box for children at school. As a follow-up to the workshop, participants are now accompanied by the Inclusive Business Action Network to develop their project ideas further.