PersonMalte HoepfnerAssociated Expert

"I’m fascinated by the potential of inclusive business for helping reach the UN’s SDGs. Working with social businesses from around the world for Endeva, bringing in my own experience as entrepreneur, has been highly rewarding!"

Malte has been working in the field of inclusive business and international development for nearly a decade, both as a consultant and an entrepreneur.

As founder and co-founder, Malte has been setting up three social businesses on three continents since 2009. This includes a Vietnamese social business combining microfinance and responsible travel, a German NGO running a global website for non-profits and a Brazilian company producing sustainable plant oil with smallholder farmers. For their plant oil enterprise, Malte and his co-founders were able to raise a USD 6m investment from one of the world’s largest multilateral development banks as well as from Brazilian impact investors. He has also worked for GIZ in Tanzania.

Malte holds an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, a BA in International Relations from the University of Dresden and studied Development Economics at the University of Ouagadougou.


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