ProjectEvaluation of the social impact of HERi Madagascar

Project Context

HERi Madagascar is a social business that aims to provide access to energy and other services to rural areas of Madagascar. HERi Madagascar was founded in 2012 by two European social investors and is run by a mixed team of Malagasy citizens and a few European team members. The first kiosk was built in 2012; the current number of kiosks stands at 19 (May 2015).
The owners started HERi with the idea that bringing electricity to rural Madagascar would help improve health and education and enhance access for NGOs and their services to these villages. The basic services of HERi are the renting of solar lanterns and the charging of mobile phones.

Project Objective

The evaluation pursued several objectives:
1) Assess results: The evaluation study assessed results at three levels: on the level of the company’s headquarter in Antananarivo, at kiosk level and at the level of the customers in the villages.
2) Provide recommendations: Based on the analysis, the evaluation report provided recommendations to HERi on how to further improve the operations of the kiosk and the company.
3) Communicate project results: To be able to communicate the results to current and future investors and important stakeholders, Endeva shot short films about the entrepreneurs and clients and created a presentation of the main impacts.

Project Output

Endeva provided evidence on the social impact of HERi Madagascar and analyzed the operations on the village level. The findings and recommendations were summed up in a report for the internal use of HERi Madagascar.
For the data collection, the evaluation team of Endeva analyzed existing data, conducted 13 interviews with the team at headquarters in the Malagasy capital Antananarivo and visited the seven villages to conduct interviews with the entrepreneurs, their assistants, the mayors, teachers, other shop owners, customers and non-customers (303 interviews in total).
Endeva also produced five short films on the impact on health, education, energy expenditure, personal development and security. These impact studies are used on the website and during presentations.

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