ProjectHow to make mini-grids profitable? Identification of business opportunities for JUMEME

Project context

Clean energy minigrids (up to 100kW) are a promising solution to provide small businesses, emerging middle- class and low-income populations in dense off-grid areas with access to electricity. In rural villages in Sub-Saharan Africa, they are often the only short-term option to power life improving or productivity inducing technologies. However, minigrids remain a very young sector with a limited track record and a are strongly dependent on grants to be profitable.

This is also true for North-Western Tanzania, where the company JUMEME aims to install 30 mini-grids within two years and supplying reliable electricity to around 100,000 people. Until 2022, they plan to build 300 systems, becoming the largest mini-grid operator in Tanzania, and serving 1 million people in rural areas.

Project objective

The overall objective of the assignment is to support JUMEME in improving their current business model and identifying cross-selling business opportunities that will increase profitability and social impact of the company and allow a rapid and sustainable growth for JUMEME.

Project results

Together with our partners from Steinbeis Impact Investing, Endeva conducted in-depth field and desk research and developed detailed recommendations for JUMEME to improve their current business model. In addition, we supported JUMEME in the implementation of selected activities.

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