ProjectWorkshop on partnerships between companies and NGOs with Save the Children e.V.

Project context

Partnerships between companies and NGOs carry great potential for improving sustainable development worldwide: Beyond traditional philanthropy or CSR projects, companies today are developing innovative approaches to support people in need. By utilizing their expertise, products and services, they can create tangible value on the ground. NGOs, on the other hand, often have a long-term presence in the target countries, with strong and trusted ties to the local community, have developed functioning distribution networks to reach them, are familiar with the unique requirements and conditions of low-income countries and have established contacts to local stakeholders.

Project objective

By combining their assets, both NGOs and companies can mutually benefit to develop innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable approaches for doing business and addressing development challenges. Endeva and Save the Children Deutschland invited companies, NGO representatives and experts from the health sector to participate in a workshop to discuss possible forms of cooperation between companies and NGOs – ranging from traditional philanthropy to setting up shared value projects or inclusive business models. In particular, the active dialogue discussed how to develop partnerships that create value for all: for businesses and NGOs, as well as for children and mothers around the world.

Project outcome

The workshop evidenced the interest in building partnerships that create business and development outcomes. Nevertheless, setting up partnerships merging each partner’s strengths and their complementarity require a lot of time and investment from both sides. As concrete next steps, the participants of the workshop suggested to hold a round-table or discussion series between NGOs and companies to co-create and develop concrete ideas for collaboration in the health sector.

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