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Thought leaders and brokers of
inclusive business innovations

We work with all relevant actors – companies, donors, governments and NGOs – to create business models and ecosystems that include low-income people into value chains for mutual benefit. We catalyze innovative solutions at the base of the pyramid through research, consulting, and facilitation.


Our work with companies

For companies, the base of the pyramid is a driver of
future growth opportunities.

Endeva supports companies along the entire process of inclusive business innovation: ideation, market research, business model development, partnership brokerage, implementation support and results measurement. We help companies avoid risks and typical pitfalls, and achieve success quicker.


Our work with donors

Donors recognize the power of the private sector as an engine of growth, jobs, income and access to goods and services. Therefore, they engage companies as partners for development.

Endeva advises donors in new programme development, as well as through strategic evaluation. On behalf of donors, we create new knowledge and organize conferences, trainings and events.


Our work with NGOs

For NGOs, inclusive business stands for sustainable and scaleable solutions that improve the lives of people in poverty.

Endeva works with NGOs to develop strategies for their inclusive business engagement. We also support the development of new inclusive businesses through market research, business model development, implementation support and results measurement.


Our work with governments

Governments need targeted policies to get economic opportunities to people living in poverty.

Endeva provides trainings and workshops on inclusive business policies. We also help develop innovative programs to work with the private sector.