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4 billion low-income earners worldwide spend $160 billion on health per year.

Over a third of this health expenditure is spent on pharmaceutical products. The health sector represents not only an immense market opportunity, but one with potential for crucial impact: better health outcomes can positively affect individuals and communities both economically and socially. An estimated 4 billion people live on low incomes at less than USD 3,000 per year: while people do have resources to spend on healthcare, they are often unable to employ them efficiently due to inadequate access to formal markets. With minimal or no public health safety nets and limited insurance coverage, health problems can put a major strain on household finances.

Endeva is committed to helping actors such as pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, and the public sector make healthcare available, accessible, acceptable, and affordable to low-income patients. We have developed a framework to help health actors create sustainable and successful inclusive business models, and provide different trainings to help build such business models.