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Inclusive Business models have the best chance for success when they are implemented within a strong ecosystem of support institutions.

Inclusive Businesses operate in challenging business environments. They often lack access to information on their target groups, fall between the cracks of business and NGO regulations, and struggle to get financial capital and implementation support for their operations.

But they do not stand alone! Ecosystem actors – other companies, governments, development partners, civil society organizations, research institutions and intermediaries - all can support inclusive businesses to overcome these challenges by strengthening the ecosystem.

Research centres, universities and development partners, for example, can provide businesses with the awareness, knowledge, technology and know-how required to operate in low-income markets and communities. Governments can incentivize businesses to engage with low-income communities by designing and implementing conducive policies and regulations. Donors, development finance institutions and impact investors can provide the financial backing that enables businesses to venture into challenging low-income markets. NGOs and other implementation partners can support businesses in last mile distribution, marketing and communication, and micro-business support services.