Fit body, fit mind: Support our partner through crowdfunding for the first organic sports drink!

You are doing sports to keep fit and healthy? Then this product is for you: our BCorp partner and inclusive business Berlin Organics is launching the first organic sports drink. The drink is made with baobab powder that has been sustainably and ethically sourced through direct trade. Together with dried coconut water, baobab makes for the perfect sports drink, delivering electrolytes and energy.

Berlin Organics sources its baobab powder for BAOWOW Hydration from Zimbabwe, where it is grown and harvested sustainably and traded ethically. Approximately 3,500 families in the Chimanimani region in South-Eastern Zimbabwe directly benefit from selling baobab. The baobab trees grow wild and are owned by the local population. During the harvesting period, which in Zimbabwe runs from May to September, harvesters roam the surrounding region to collect the baobab fruits. After the harvest, the baobab fruits are sold to a local baobab processor, where the fruits are cracked open and the dry fruit pulp is milled into a fine powder. Farmers are paid cash on the spot. This provides local families with a much needed additional income, which, for example, they can use to pay school fees. Their earnings from 10 kg of baobab powder is enough additional income to cover a child’s school fees for a whole year.

Read the whole story on the blog and support the crowdfunding campaign to make BAOWOW happen!