Endeva highlighted in Forbes Magazine

Endeva is proud to announce that we are featured in Forbes magazine. Under the title “The Good Money,” we discuss the origin, accomplishments, and future of our business.

Over the last ten year, we have grown to be to become a central player in the space of inclusive business. As we discuss with Forbes, we shouldn’t wait for big organizations to come up with the answers.

Since our beginnings, we have been nimble but agile. Together with the combined experience of our five female directors, we’ve successfully gained ground in areas of health, agriculture, and energy.

A great example we covered in the interview are the prospects of our future. Through the ii2030 initiative, we want to become a vital change maker. We can increase the well being of people by creating business models and systems that improve their state of well being by facilitating these connections between big business, NGO’s, and local actors. We want to see our ten plus years of experience put in practice.

Pick up a copy and read more. If you want to talk more about the subjects discussed or have another inquiry. You can contact us here.