Gaming towards the future of sustainability standards

Sustainability standards have improved transparency and good practices in supply chain over the past 40 years. Yet, they have arguably done little to improve the lot of poor people within these supply chains. For example , while 22% of cocoa is certified as sustainable today, cocoa farmers still remain in poverty In Cote d’Ivoire, 78% of fairtrade certified cooca farmers earn less than a living income. The same pattern can be observed across countries and value chains.

  • Why are increased prices of certified products not translating into higher farmer incomes?
  • What are the incentives farmers face, and what traps them in poverty?
  • How can we redesign incentives for all players to achieve the desired outcomes?
  • Who can do what to implement the future of sustainability standards?

Join us at our table for a board game to explore these questions  collectively! Get ready to explore assumptions about business models and systems whilst having fun! Find all the info here.