High-Tech Low-Cost solutions – a road to SDG innovation

Imagine a drone that delivers blood samples to rural areas in Rwanda. Or pay-as-you-go solar solution that provides access to clean energy. Where advanced technology was previously thought to be too expensive to solve development challenges, recent examples of solutions push the boundaries of price and functionality.

In December, Endeva co-moderated the health tech workshop at the “High-tech low-cost” event, organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The objective of the event was to inspire participants to start developing practical ideas to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also making business progress. In four thematic workshops, a diverse group of 150 participants, including companies, NGOs and researchers, worked hard to translate SDG aspirations into tangible business ideas.

For more information on the event, watch interviews with participants and read about the workshop outcomes on DI’s website!