Meet & Multiply – a forum for replicating inclusive business models

Meet & Multiply is an innovative match-making platform focusing on the replication of successful inclusive business models. The event, taking place at the IDB’s Base Forum, Mexico City, 29 June 2015, brings together originators and adopters: Originators are inclusive businesses that are operational, profitable, and have demonstrable social and economic impact. Adopters are entrepreneurs with an interest in replicating and bringing proven inclusive businesses to their region.

Originators attending the forum seek potential partners and collaborators to replicate their model in Latin America. These include Jain Irrigation and eKutir from the agricultural sector, and Ross Clinics and Narayana Health from the health sector.

Meet & Multiply is backed by partner organizations providing additional support to the replication process: ADB, BoP Innovation Center, Connovo, Endeva, IBAN, IDB, Results for Development and SNV.