NGOs and inclusive business: a workshop to uncover lessons learned

Engaging in inclusive business (IB) is promising for NGOs, but requires a new approach and mindset. While each NGO has gathered individual experiences, a format is missing that provides an opportunity for practical exchange of lessons learned and ways forward.

Endeva is organising two ‘peer-to-peer learning’ workshopsworkshops targeted at leading international NGOs. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of experiences on the various roles NGOs can take in inclusive business, as well as related organizational aspects.

The workshops will provide space to share common pitfalls and best practices between peers. We will also draw upon Endeva’s extensive knowledge gained from working with, studying and setting-up NGO-driven inclusive business. Following the workshops, you will receive a detailed documentation of the outcomes and a follow up conversation focusing on your specific challenges and ideas.

If you are interested in learning more about the workshop series, join our webinar on Dec 8 for more information. To sign up, please send an email to