PersonChristopher KaanAssociated Expert

    "Cooperation between the private and the public sector is one of the essential features to make inclusive business work!"

    Christopher is an expert in the field of public policy. His major field is the cooperation between public and private actors in developing projects. So he asks two big questions: how can the public sector incentivize and encourage private actors to support development? And how can companies support the public sector providing common goods? To achieve this, Christopher likes to work together with people from the public sector like the European Commission or the developing banks, but also partners with companies and other stakeholders.
    As a researcher, he has worked on transnational public-private partnerships and private regulatory initiatives. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on the issue of effectiveness and legitimacy of transnational partnerships and regulation. He holds a Master degree in Political Science, Public Law and Business Administration from the University of Greifswald and currently publishes his PhD thesis on the relation between stakeholder participation and norm compliance in transnational PPP.