PersonMariska van GaalenAssociated Expert

Mariska is an independent consultant specialized in the socio-economic perspective of tourism in developing countries. She is the lead author of the 2014 Endeva publication Destination: Mutual Benefit – A Guide to Inclusive Business in Tourism, which encourages owners and managers of tourism enterprises to collaborate with people from low-income communities. Her work to date has been focused on improving the quality of touristic products and their impact on society. Her study on Travellers Perspectives was well received at the 2012 Eco-tourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference in Monterey, USA. Insights from this study, helping the travel industry to create innovative products, were discussed again at the 2013 ITB Berlin during a panel on Shifts in Travel Culture.

Mariska has a strong interest in our rapidly changing planet and engages both on theoretical and practical levels to create better places for people to live and visit. As a researcher, her main interests are inclusive business in tourism, climate change adaptation and resilience. Mariska holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Tourism Management from the University of Applied Sciences (FH).