Paola Zisman

“I am passionate about supporting impactful synergies in the work of private, public and civil society actors to challenge the status quo and trigger sustainable change”

Paola is a research analyst at endeva, where she conducts a wide range of qualitative research to support project managers develop innovative and impactful content to tackle development challenges in low- and middle-income countries. Her research has contributed to projects focusing on entrepreneurship promotion, youth employment and aerospace on the African continent.

Previously, Paola was involved in different strategic pro bono projects. She helped a social enterprise creating digital content on autism and neurodiversity, to develop their cross-subsidising business model. She collaborated with a French Think Tank working on the social and solidarity economy, to develop inclusive and sustainable roadmap the 2024 Olympics.

Paola holds an MSc in International Sustainability Management from the École supérieure de commerce de Paris (ESCP). She also studied Development Economics and International Development at King’s College London.