ProjectSupporting a European company to develop sustainable social initiatives

Project Context

Leading corporations are increasingly searching for ways to create shared value by applying their knowledge and skills to inclusive, sustainable and innovative solutions. At Endeva, we are committed to supporting these corporates in finding the convergence between their core competencies and the needs of underserved communities.

Project Objective

Endeva supported a large global company, based in Europe, to identify key challenges for socially excluded groups and develop sustainable social initiatives, targeting disadvantaged communities in Europe and beyond. During the project, we examined, researched and evaluated project idea proposals, submitted by our partner’s employees and external NGOs. Endeva’s team supported our partner in designing impactful initiatives that harness their core corporate knowledge and skills.

Project Output

Endeva and our partner successfully completed five project plans for social initiatives addressing the following issue areas:

  • Improving livelihoods in disadvantaged communities
  • Enabling income-generation for refugees in Europe by offering business development services
  • Supporting disadvantaged families
  • Ensuring a healthy childhood for children and infants with disabilities

In October 2016, our partner began collaborating with local NGOs to implement the social initiatives beginning in the first quarter of 2017.

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