ProjectDeveloping a knowledge database on Business Model Innovations for the World Bank

Project Context

With increasing demand for services, from both within and outside the World Bank Group (WBG), the Bank’s Innovation Unit is focused on helping clients and partners solve some of the most difficult challenges in development. Within the Innovation Unit, the Business Model Innovations team aims to identify innovative business models (for profit and not for profit) in service delivery to the base of the pyramid (BoP) with clear evidence of social impact and to support their potential to be scaled, replicated or mainstreamed through public or private channels of service delivery, including WBG operations.

Project Objective

The project aimed to
(a) inform and inspire World Bank Group operational teams on the options for non-state actors to address development challenges,
(b) familiarize them with successful examples of inclusive business model innovations, and
(c) support them to incorporate approaches of non-state actors into their programme design, operations, and engagement with partners.

Project Output

Endeva and Ashley Insight created a database of 300 companies, wrote 33 profiles of business model innovations and 52 company profiles. The sectors covered were WASH, education, energy, health and finance as well as some cross cutting topics like distribution, awareness raising and affordability.

Please find all business model innovations on The Innovation Policy Platform!

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