ProjectEmerging Market Multinationals as Development Agents

Project Context

As increasingly important players in the global economy, Emerging Market Multinationals (EMM) can make a significant contribution to local development. Due to their continuous growth, their proximity to the relevant lower income markets and their potential influence, they are attractive collaboration partners in development cooperation strategies with a private sector focus. Development partnerships can support EMMs in their development activities and help get the most out of their investment and its impact.

Project Objective

This project seeks to:

  • Understand the potential for collaboration between EMMs and development actors (including the relevance of the local CSR context)
  • Identify where EMMs lack support to help achieve development objectives
  • Develop recommendations for concrete ways to involve EMMs in the development agenda and identify options for collaboration

Project Output

The project delivers insight from an array of six country-level studies that include (per country) a country study and two case studies. While the country study takes a high level look at the CSR environment, the landscape of EMMs and support agencies in each country and existing partnerships, the case studies focus on a particular EMM and its development activities. A final report introduces a guiding framework that can serve as a tool for dialogue for development agencies with EMMs, governments and other actors. Based on an in-depth, qualitative analysis of the six country studies, the report will also develop concrete recommendations for effective approaches to inspire EMMs to help reach development objectives as well as options for collaboration.

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