ProjectResearch on low tech solutions for inclusive value chains

Project Context

There is a lot of buzz around high tech solutions for doing business in low-income and emerging markets right now. There are some exciting unicorn examples of emerging market business models which use artificial intelligence, blockchain technology or drones to make supply chains more efficient. However, for many businesses in these markets the potential of low tech solutions is much more exiting right now.

Project Objectives

Together with Fundes, Endeva has scanned available IT solutions that enable MSMEs to grow and become more productive. As production networks span ever more widely across multiple countries, the opportunities to better integrate MSMEs from emerging markets in global value chains are vast. Suppliers, distributors and customers who had previously been isolated can now be accessed relatively easily with the help of these IT solutions. We aimed to research solutions that make value chains more inclusive.

Project results

Our research is captured in a whitepaper, which gives an overview of IT solutions that make MSMEs more effective and thus facilitate their incorporation in large companies’ value chains.

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