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Project Context

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 will inevitably require vast investment. Considering the limited availability of public funds and the enormous investment needs, commercial finance and investment sources will have an increasingly important role to play.

However, many projects and firms in developing countries are not deemed bankable or commercially viable. The lack of a pipeline of bankable projects and firms constrains the deployment of available public and private funds, and limits progress with regard to economic development and the achievement of the SDGs.

As GIZ staff all over the world support projects, companies and government to achieve the SDGs, they need a good understanding of the finance landscape, its actors and the tools and mechanisms that are available to provide funding.

Project Objective

The Finance Guide is an introduction to the basics of commercial finance and investment in the context of development cooperation.

The objective is to enable readers with limited or no prior exposure to finance topics to understand some key aspects in the public and private sector. Given the increasing importance of mobilizing private capital for development purposes, the Finance Guide is intended to provide orientation to GIZ staff when considering the role of commercial finance in designing and implementing technical-assistance programs.

In addition, when working with implementing partners or businesses looking for finance, the reader will be able to assume a more substantial role in supporting such local partners and entrepreneurs in developing bankable and investment-ready projects or businesses.

Project Results

The GIZ Finance Guide is available in a pdf version for the internal use of GIZ staff.

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