ProjectGood management practices for inclusive business

Project context

Inclusive businesses have the potential to deliver solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve the lives of people living at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) at scale and in the long-term.

The past ten years have shown that doing business and performing well financially can go hand in hand with lifting people out of poverty, many great ideas that got started did not survive or stayed small.

Project objective

Acknowledging that inclusive businesses operate in environments with vulnerable populations, we took stock of the Business Call to Action company portfolio with the aim of identifying management practices that make inclusive businesses successful.

Project results

The results of our research show the wide range of innovative management approaches successful inclusive businesses are adopting in low-resource settings in order to stay competitive and succeed both financially and in terms of social impact. We found that successful inclusive buisnesses must apply a basic set of good management practices as any type of successful business does. On top, they have principles that are quite different from business-as-usual, including in-depth engagement with the BoP, working in partnership, long-term planning and investing in trust-building. In addition, inclusive businesses thoroughly manage environmental, social and governance risks and impact measurement in order to make informed decisions on strategy and operations.

The report will be published in due course.

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