ProjectGrowing Sustainable Business with Smallholders

Project Context

Agriculture is at the center of some of the most critical global challenges today: eliminating hunger and poverty and reducing climate change and its negative effects. Smallholder farmers can be part of the solution to these challenges, but face severe constraints. Low productivity in developing countries, due to a lack of capital and adequate production technologies, is a major challenge. Inputs like irrigation systems, high-quality seeds, feed, fertilizer, crop protection and machinery as well as knowledge about production technologies could all greatly increase output. Smallholders lack access to the aforementioned, and as a result, are often unable to sell their products at an adequate price, among other difficulties. Innovative inclusive business models can help overcome challenging market environments and help provide smallholder farmers with access to these agricultural inputs, production technologies, and attractive sales markets.

Project Objective

The objective of the sector dialogue is to enable companies to create and expand sustainable inclusive business models for and with smallholder farmers by:

  • Identifying and documenting successful inclusive businesses in the agricultural domain
  • Analyzing the constraints and solutions for inclusive business and providing practical guidance for companies on this basis
  • Provide companies with training in inclusive business development and facilitate peer-to-peer learning

Project Output

The project resulted in a 50-page report that summarized the insights of the research in a practical framework that can guide companies in developing inclusive businesses with and for smallholder farmers. There was also a company training opportunity that will build on the results of the research to support companies in developing or improving their own inclusive business models with and for smallholder farmers. The interactive training consisted of a 1,5 day on-site workshop in Berlin.

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