ProjectInclusive Business Policies in Colombia and Indonesia

Project Context

Inclusive Business Policies directly enable mutually beneficial collaboration between companies and low-income people. A study by Endeva on behalf of BMZ has identified a variety of policy instruments that enable and encourage companies to collaborate with low-income people, and empower low-income people to engage in broader value chains.

Indonesia and Colombia are both vibrant countries with growing economies and governments dedicated to poverty alleviation. The GIZ explores demand by these governments for support in developing inclusive business policies.

Project objective

The project aimed to assess the current state of policies that support collaboration between companies and low-income people in Colombia and Indonesia. Through interviews and workshops with government representatives, as well as representatives of the private sector and intermediary institutions, GIZ and Endeva identified demand for support in developing more targeted inclusive business policies.

Project outcome

In Colombia, stakeholders voiced demand for greater alignment with regards to policies that support collaboration between companies and low-income communities. Many ministries are already implementing programs that support communities through capacity building and technical support to link up with broader value chains. A national inclusive business policy strategy can facilitate coordination among public sector actors and attract more companies to invest in inclusive business. Findings of the study were discussed by the National Committee for Inclusive Business CONNIC. In a next step, the GIZ will provide a training on inclusive business for policy makers.

In Indonesia, the tourism sector was identified as priority for inclusive business. The Ministry of Tourism has made inclusive tourism a priority and is now developing interventions in different areas of the country to create linkages between communities and tourism companies.

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