ProjectLandscape survey on acceleration and advisory support for inclusive business

Project context

Over the last two decades, there has been an increase of actors providing advisory support to scale innovative and impactful business models. Acceleration support, technical assistance, business development services and other non-financial support services are all available to both start-ups and to maturing businesses: there is overall consensus that inclusive businesses need more than money to overcome the challenges on the path to scale. These business models are scaling slowly and need support to navigate multiple challenges at each stage.

Project objective

The aim of this project was to inform USAID’s approach to acceleration and technical assistance. The project provides an overview of the landscape of non-financial support and draws on experience of implementers to highlight lessons learned about the value of advisory support and design implementation issues.

Project results

more than moneyEndeva and Ashley Insight developed the USAID report “More than Money: Mapping the landscape of advisory support for inclusive business” which highlights recent trends, key challenges and lessons learned on providing non-financial support to inclusive businesses. Key findings have also been published by Endeva and Ashley Insight with USAID in a blog post series:

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