ProjectMake-IT Africa: Accelerating the ecosystem for digital startups in Kenya and Nigeria

Project context

Technology start-ups are key drivers of digital, social and economic change. They develop digital innovations and bring new products to market across every sector. These companies, however, need significant support in their early stages of growth. Accelerators, incubators and other technical and financial assistance providers offer their expertise and investments, yet the ecosystem is still relatively fragmented and the support providers often face their own challenges in fostering high growth across a broad spectrum of tech startups.

Project objective

The Make-IT Alliance is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), companies, social entrepreneurs and associations to support the development of tech start-ups in emerging and developing countries and contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth. The German International Cooperation (GIZ) is commissioned to implement the piloting programme “Make-IT in Africa” over a two-year period in Kenya and Nigeria. The goal is to promote growth and employment in the digital economy as an input to the national ICT strategies.

Project results

During a 3-month concept phase, Endeva and its partners are assessing the gaps and needs in services for the startups, develop a modular and sustainable portfolio of activities and formats to address these identified needs and devise a plan to test the formats with local partners Gearbox and Nailab (Kenya) and Co-creation Hub (Nigeria). Following the concept phase, the suggested activities and formats will be implemented in Nairobi and Lagos, with an expected launch in November 2017.

Over 9 months of implementation, the team will regularly assess and evaluate activities to determine the impact and effectiveness of the program, as well as to make recommendations for improvement in a second round of implementation in Kenya and Nigeria and beyond.

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