ProjectMarket Study on Rural Sub-Sahara African Energy Markets for the Solarkiosk GmbH

Project Context

Currently, about 1.3 billion people in developing countries lack access to electricity and about 2.6 billion people rely on solid fuels for cooking. The situation in Sub-Saharan Africa is especially dramatic with more than 585 million people or 70% of the population living without access to electricity. Instead, they depend on fuels like wood or kerosene for cooking, heating and lighting. Besides their high costs, these fuels cause severe health problems. In rural areas, the situation is even worse, with only 14.2% of the population having access to electricity. Due to low population density in such areas the construction of on-grid electricity cannot be done at a market base. However, decentralized off-grid solutions can meet the local energy demands.
Source: WEO (2011)

Project Objective

The project aims to provide an overview of the Sub-Sahara African energy markets, with a particular focus on electrification in rural areas in order to identify suitable markets for Solarkiosk GmbH.

Project Output

The project provided a comprehensive evaluation of the energy markets in Sub-Sahara Africa. A specific index was developed to rank all countries in Sub-Sahara Africa and create a mapping of interesting markets. The top five countries that best matched Solarkiosk GmbH preferences were identified in this selection process. Then, in-depth country profiles were prepared for the five selected countries that  include demand analyses as well as detailed information on the structure and the regulations of the energy markets.

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