ProjectNGO and company partnerships for inclusive business

Project Context

Inclusive business partnerships between NGOs and companies have the potential for greater impact compared to traditional philanthropy-driven partnerships: They are built around an inclusive business model with a business and social impact case. There is limited information available on how such inclusive business partnerships are set up and developed.

Project Objectives

Endeva aims to fill the knowledge gap by providing insights to guide NGOs and companies through the process of engaging in inclusive business partnerships. The report will provide examples on how to find the right partner, how to manage risks and how to generate internal buy-in and change internally, and how to develop and scale a partnership.

Project results

The guide aims to give NGOs and companies guidance in conducting more productive IB partnerships as equal partners. We hope these pages will create a better understanding for what IB partnerships actually are, provide inspiration in the form of real partnership examples, and offer a way forward by documenting the lessons learned by practitioners in the field.

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