ProjectPromoting Inclusive Business for Women and Gender Equality with ADB

Project context

Inclusive businesses have great potential to contribute to women's economic empowerment. In fact, there is emerging evidence that inclusive businesses are already making positive impacts on women's lives. Looked at from a company perspective, inclusive businesses that recognize gender-based constraints reap business benefits. However, little is known about how inclusive businesses affect women’s lives and how they connect to women’s economic empowerment.

Project objective

The objective of the study is to give an overview on how inclusive businesses promote the women agenda. The study will be used for further policy dialogue at international conferences and awareness raising and capacity building among investment officers in ADB, IFC and IADB. Furthermore the study will be shared internationally and provide input to the impact investing and gender discussions.

Project outcome

The study takes stock of the 104 inclusive business investments by ADB, IDB and IFC and analyzes how these contribute to women's economic empowerment. However, only 12 companies from the sample have strategies explicitely targeting women’s empowerment. If companies recognize gender-based constraints, they can reap business benefits from including women. Actions from all stakeholders are necessary to make inclusive business work better for women’s empowerment and vice versa.

Credit cover photo: Engro Foods

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