ProjectDeveloping a system to measure the results of social activities in Ferrero's hazelnut supply chain

Project Context

Ferrero, the chocolate producer and confectionary company, and GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) have signed a Strategic Alliance to promote sustainable sourcing in Turkey, where Ferrero sources hazelnuts from mainly smallholders in the Black Sea Region. In recent years, Ferrero has set up an extensive support system to improve the social and agricultural practices of farmers under its Ferrero Farming Values Hazelnut (FFVh) programme. The FFVh Standard was developed in 2012 and has been implemented since, striving for compliance in regard to social and agricultural practices on farm level. The programme also implements steps to achieve traceability in the hazelnut supply chain by 2020. It includes activities and training for farmers, workers and their children, as well as third party audits.

Project Objective

The overarching purpose of the consultancy assignment was to provide technical and capacity building support to Ferrero to facilitate the development of a comprehensive and high-quality M&E system, in order to assess and report on progress and impact of social activities and interventions managed by the FFVh programme in Turkey. The assignment was addressed through a participatory approach and an in-depth engagement with the staff involved in data collection and analysis at various levels.

Project Results

FFVh uses the outputs of the M&E system to better tailor activities on the ground to social needs. Views of different stakeholders in the hazelnut sector are reflected, including those of male and female farmers, seasonal workers, labor brokers and various community leaders. Specific project outputs include the following:

  • Data collection tools targeting different stakeholder groups (e.g. farmers, workers, labor brokers, etc.)
  • Logical framework

  • M&E training

  • M&E coaching

  • M&E handbook

  • Data collection guide for social officers in the field

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