ProjectReviving cashew farming in Kenya

Project Context

Kilifi, a region at the coast of Kenya, used to be a major producer of Cashew nuts in the 1980s. But production has since dwindled. Aging trees and poor production practices have resulted in low and fluctuating yields, leading farmers to move to other crops such as maize and mangos. Still, 69.000 cashew farmers take care of around 2 million trees.

World Vision saw an opportunity to increase smallholder incomes through Cashew farming. The international NGO asked Endeva to assess the options.

Project Objective

The project objective was to identify opportunities to increase the income for smallholders from Cashew farming. For that purpose, Endeva, in collaboration with local partner Open Capital Advisors, reviewed the Cashew value chain and presented options for increasing smallholder productivity and access to markets.

Project Outcome

The project identified the lack of smallholder support as the main bottleneck in the Cashew value chain. Smallholders lack good practices for maintaining Cashew trees. The prices they get today for Cashew nuts are too low to justify investments into fertilizer or new trees. Processing capacities, on the other hand, are underutilized, making partnerships with processors a viable option. World Vision is currently considering next steps.

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