Endeva GmbH

Founded in 2007, Endeva GmbH is a holocratic, self-managed organization with a core team of full-time staff and a global network of experts that enables inclusive system innovations.

For more than a decade, we have been supporting partners from all sectors to create systems that serve people and planet, and to transform their own role towards these future systems. We provide the expertise, network, and methodologies to go from discovery to design and co-creation.

Achieving positive impact at scale for our partners and low-income people is our guiding star. We ensure high-quality end products by bringing together our excellent quality and process management capacities and our expertise in inclusive systems innovation with the specialist knowledge from our experts. Our values – impact, partnership, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and joy – guide all our efforts in this endeavour.

Our activities

We help you to discover and design new opportunities for a future that is both inclusive and regenerative.

We assist you in implementing system innovations and effectively scaling sustainable solutions towards achieving the SDGs.

We evaluate with a generative approach, enabling deeper connections between stakeholders, joint learning and co-design of future activities.

We create intelligence for our diverse partners 

We have successfully implemented more than 200 projects on behalf of public, private and non-profit sector organizations. These include, for instance, over 50 publications on inclusive business, sustainability and related topics and practitioner trainings, workshops, and match-making events for over 1,000 practitioners worldwide.

We work with our clients as partners in our mission, and often collaborate over the long term to ensure impact. Our partners include large companies, start-ups, social enterprises, public development organizations, non-profit organizations, foundations, and universities.

Certified BCorp

Endeva is a certified B Corporation. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They aim for an enriching impact for all stakeholders, and are externally verified as achieving high standards of social and environmental performance. We certified in 2015, as one of the Founding Members of B Corp Europe. In 2016, we were ranked among the 10% “Best for the World” B Corps.

Today, there are over 2,500 Certified B Corps in 50 countries around the globe. We are proudly partof this movement of transforming business to serve people and planet.