The opportunity: unlocking the potential of drones for good

Could drones in the future offer widespread physical connectivity to remote areas in the way mobile phone connectivity does today? We believe it could, but in order for drones to be an engine for growth and prosperity we must ensure countries are actively shaping this new sector:

  • How can we make Africa the safest place to fly drones?
  • How can we create future-fit jobs for youth and boost local manufacturing in the sector?

Our contribution

We have been working to catalyze systemic change in the drone sector over the last seven years. We are facilitating dynamic partnerships that bring us closer to realizing the potential of drones to support the SDGs, driving local innovation, manufacturing and job creation. Reach out to us if you would like to:


your role in a mobility system that supports localization of technology, creates future-fit jobs, and enables cost-effective mobility for all.


partnerships to unlock the potential of drones and other technologies that make the mobility sector more localized and inclusive.


your interventions through a generative approach with partners and customers to generate better collaboration, shared insights and update your approach.


We have implemented projects to support the effective use and localization of drone technology for good with public sector partners, large companies and innovative startups. Some examples:

The DDG Alliance

The 2017 edition of ii2030 brought together different stakeholder to co-create a solution around delivering products and services in remote areas in Sub-Saharan Africa using a drone network. The track led to the creation the multi-stakeholder Drones Doing Good Alliance. The founding members included Airbus, Merck, Lifebank, Geo Technic and Endeva.

When to use drones in health

The DDG Alliance’s first project looked at when to use drones to deliver critical healthcare products over other modes of transport. The project enabled Lifebank to be the first African-led company to execute bi-directional BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) flights for healthcare logistics. The landmark project was supported by Airbus, UKAID, Lifebank, Geo Technic and Merck.

Manufactured in Africa

Manufactured in Africa (MIA) is a collaborative initiative which aims to unlock the African drone sector as engine for growth and prosperity.  The initiative is a partnership with the drone expertise company, Geo Technic and Endeva. MIA looks to disrupt the drone sector for Good in Africa so it may support the SDGs, drive local innovation, manufacturing and job creation.

What our partners say:

“I was glad to be supported by Tendai through testing out a new distribution model in Nigeria and Ethiopia. Tendai and the team’s patience, resilience and innovation allowed us to experience immense growth! Growth in impact through the expansion to Kenya, powered by the Meet and Multiply project, and growth in distribution tools, through Drones Doing Good. We are incredibly grateful to your team and hope to work with you more in the future.”

Temie Giwa-Tubosun, Founder, Lifebank



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