You create the future. We help you get ahead of the curve, explore how future inclusive and regenerative systems look like and identify your role. Be part of the solution. Inspire your employees. Bring wealth to communities. Protect our planet. Drive inclusive innovation!

We support you with our expert and partner network. We build on 13 years of work, having implemented more than 200 projects on behalf of partners from the private, public and not-for profit sector. 

We help you see what an inclusive and regenerative future can look like.

Based on rigorous research, we provide insight on the inclusive systems and business models of the future, and how we can get there. Technology plays a critical role here.

Identify concrete opportunities in specific emerging markets or sectors

We conduct mappings and target group research in low-income contexts to inform strategies of public sector actors, NGOs, and large companies.

For a big pharmaceutical company, we analysed the barriers low-income groups face in accessing medicines. On this basis, we provided recommendations on business opportunities and relevant partners.

Understand future-fit business models

We analyse and document inclusive, regenerative business models.

For the World Bank, we documented 30 different business models based on more than 300 case examples in the energy, health, education and WASH sectors. The resulting report “Delivering to the Last Mile” informs World Bank staff on private sector solutions for their programs.

Conduct evaluations that show the way forward

We evaluate inclusive business and system innovation initiatives to identify opportunities for improvement.

For Ferrero, we evaluated their collaboration with the GIZ in Turkey to produce sustainable and fair hazelnuts with small farmers.

“Endeva helped us to take our systemic approach to the next level. Our teams in countries see the leverage points and are inspired to collaborate more deeply with each other and other partners.”

Pascale Bonzom, Global Project Manager, Good Growth Partnership

The Good Growth Partnership is a USD300 million programme to reduce deforestation in the soy, palm oil and beef supply chains, in Brazil, Indonesia, Liberia and Paraguay. In our mid-term evaluation, we identified how the programme can strengthen its systemic approach. Afterwards, we conducted workshops with country teams and partners to co-create solutions for weaknesses and strengthen collaboration.

We help you to tackle the challenges of today by creating the business solutions of the future.

We help develop strategy, business models and systems initiatives in a co-creative and user-centered way.

Define your strategy for creating transformative change

We develop strategies for how your organization can become a driver of system change, no matter whether you are a foundation, large company, public sector agency or NGO.

With the Business Call to Action, we co-created their strategy for how membership can be a meaningful “quality seal” that can unlock partnerships and funding opportunities.

Develop business models with tangible impact and business value

Based on user-centered research, we identify business opportunities and build sustainable business models in low-income markets. Always with a systems lense, we also work to bring partners on board from the initial phases.

We developed the energy kiosk model that is now HERi in Madagascar. Starting from a market research in rural villages, we developed the business model, trained the initial team, and installed an impact measurement system that enables continuous improvement. HERi now operates 110 kiosks serving 220,000 families with clean energy and providng 372 jobs.

Design public sector programs and policies

We craft innovative and effective programs for public development actors, based on analysis of their unique positioning, from the initial idea to the fully elaborated programme document.

For the UNDP Africa Facility for Inclusive Markets, we developed the Inclusive Business Ecosystem Initiative. This methodology enables UNDP country offices to identify and realize opportunities for strengthening ecosystems and thus enable inclusive businesses to scale up by bringing other stakeholders on board.

“Endeva is a devoted magnificent team you want to have with you to help turn complexity into simplicity. Their devotion, knowledge and innovative contributions in our work in inclusive business and markets space in Africa and is brilliant and has no paralell.”

Tomas Sales, UNDP

For the UNDP Africa Facility for Inclusive Markets, we developed the Inclusive Business Ecosystem Initiative. The methodology enables UNDP country offices to curate a stakeholder process that strengthens markets for inclusive businesses. The approach was already rolled out in three countries: in Senegal on renewable energy, in Lesotho on mobile money and in Uganda on inclusive tourism.

We create partnerships that change systems in order to achieve the SDGs!

We curate and facilitate effective multi-stakeholder collaboration for systems change. We also provide training and enable collaboration at workshops and events.

Prototype systems change for the SDGs with our ii2030 methodology

ii2030 is a proven methodology to cocreate system innovations with diverse partners. We identify a tech-enabled opportunity through a consultation process, curate a small set of key players for a co-creation workshop and then work with lead partners to implement a prototype on site. Learn more at!

Replicate proven inclusive innovations with or Meet & Multiply methodology

Meet & Multiply is an effective approach to replicating successful inclusive business models. We identify “originators” who want to take their model to other regions, select “adopters” and match investors and other supporters. In two editions of Meet & Multiply, we have initiated 5 local adoptions. Learn more at!

Design and facilitate trainings, workshops and events 

We have designed workshops and events on inclusive business and system change for over +1000 practitioners from all over the world, both in-person and online.

For the NGO HEKS/EPER, for example, we organized a one-week training program on inclusive business. The aim was to inspire its headquarters-based and in-country staff, and to co-create ideas for including market-based thinking into their program. The training also included exposure visits to inclusive businesses.

“Endeva offers powerful methodologies to co-create transformative solutions. Even more importantly, they bring the right set of actors from diverse backgrounds into the process based on their extensive cross-sectoral network. Their passion for change has inspired me to think of achieving the SDGs at scale.”

Rey Buckman, Airbus BizLab