What we do

You create the future. We help you to get ahead of the curve, explore what future inclusive and regenerative systems look like and identify your role.

With our expert and partner network, we support you to design, implement and evaluate inclusive system innovations. We build on over 15 years of work, having implemented more than 200 projects together with partners from the private, public and not-for profit sector.

A generative approach underpins all of our work. We consciously design processes that enable stakeholders to connect as whole persons with themselves, others and a shared purpose. Intuitive and playful methods based on neurological science are combined with rigorous analysis. Our hearts and minds contribute curiosity, compassion and courage. Altogether, the generative approach leads to innovative results and to the shared momentum required to take them forward.

We help you to discover and design new opportunities for a future that is both inclusive and regenerative.

Identify your role in inclusive systems

We help partners to explore opportunities for transformation, identify their role in the system and define their theory of change.

Co-create joint solutions

Based on Theory U and generative facilitation methodologies, we bring together the right partners in workshops and events to co-create prototype solutions that transform systems.

Understand system dynamics

Through rigorous research and expert consultation, we help you to understand market-based systems of today and what it takes to make them more inclusive.

Co-creating system innovation prototypes with ii2030. With our Inclusive Innovation 2030 (ii2030) format, we have developed a methodology to co-create system innovations with diverse partners. We identify an opportunity for system transformation through a consultation process, curate a small set of key players for a co-creation workshop and then work with lead partners to implement a prototype on site.
Learn more at www.ii2030.com!

Designing a Theory of Change for the Bayer Foundation. After combining the scientific and the social impact teams, the Bayer Foundation was looking for a shared approach to change. We enabled the team to build a system map to identify its space and key dynamics. With this map, the team could identify leverage points and derive a Theory of Change in line with its unique capabilities.

“Endeva offers powerful methodologies to co-create transformative solutions. Even more importantly, they bring the right set of actors from diverse backgrounds into the process based on their extensive cross-sectoral network. Their passion for change has inspired me to think of achieving the SDGs at scale.”

Rey Buckman, Airbus BizLab

We assist you in implementing system innovations and effectively scaling sustainable solutions towards achieving the SDGs.

Facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships

Through a collective impact approach, we design and facilitate the process that partners need to effectively collaborate in an environment that is inclusive, co-creative and solution-oriented.

Empower people to become system innovators

We work with business leaders and intrapreneurs to implement change processes and business model innovations in their organizations through inspiring trainings, coaching and mentorship support.

Build inclusive business ecosystems

We help partners design and set-up institutional structures to identify, scale and replicate best practices and innovations to drive economic transformations. 

Facilitating a Collective Impact initiative for nutrition. We have designed, initiated and currently facilitate a collective impact/private sector led partnership to deliver nutritious food to over 1 billion people across 8 countries with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The partnership brings together key private sector players and civil society organizations to improve the incentive structures for millers to fortify staple foods such as edible oil, flour and rice.

Building the ecosystem for inclusive businesses in ASEAN. As a United Nations ESCAP implementing partner, we are working to strengthen the ecosystem for inclusive businesses in the ASEAN region. This includes coaching agribusinesses in India and Viet Nam directly, building capacity of local coaching providers and creating manuals to scale and replicate coaching services. We are also developing an accreditation manual for governments to identify, target and provide inclusive businesses with the support they need to grow their impact.

“Endeva brings unique insights and skills to the design of innovative multi-sector initiatives. Since the inception of the Millers for Nutrition Coalition, the Endeva team has served as a strategic thought partner and brilliant facilitator, with deep knowledge of good practice and unwavering passion and commitment to effective partnering for social impact in complex development contexts.”

Dominic Schofield, Global Director of Food Systems Transformation and Director of the Food Processing Practice, TechnoServe

We evaluate with a generative approach, enabling deeper connections between stakeholders, joint learning and co-design of future activities.

Connect deeply with partners

We facilitate dialogue among partners to enable better collaboration and shared insight.

Learn forward

We enable partners to learn from their experience to translate insights and update their approach.

Design the future

Based on evaluation findings, we help you design the next iteration.

Enabling learning in innovation with GEF agencies. The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is a global funding mechanism for environmental projects, pooling money from donors and disbursing it to 18 implementation agencies. We brought together all agencies to review their capability for individual and shared learning, identified opportunities for improvement and concrete ideas.

Growing good together at UNDP. We reviewed the UNDP’s Good Growth Partnership, which aims to halt deforestation from beef, soy and palm oil production in four landscapes. We also facilitated a learning process among collaborators to capture insights and update their approach.

“Endeva helped us to take our systemic approach to the next level. Our teams in countries see the leverage points and are inspired to collaborate more deeply with each other and other partners.”

Pascale Bonzom, Global Project Manager, Good Growth Partnership

The Good Growth Partnership is a USD300 million programme to reduce deforestation in the soy, palm oil and beef supply chains, in Brazil, Indonesia, Liberia and Paraguay. In our mid-term evaluation, we identified how the programme can strengthen its systemic approach. Afterwards, we conducted workshops with country teams and partners to co-create solutions for weaknesses and strengthen collaboration.